The Safest Cities in Indiana: Where to Find Peace of Mind

Hagerstown has been identified as having one of lowest property crime rates in Indiana while Zionsville has been identified as having one of second lowest rates despite housing nearly 28000 people.

The Safest Cities in Indiana: Where to Find Peace of Mind

Hagerstown, a small community of about 1,700 people in Wayne County, has the lowest property crime rate in Indiana, just over two incidents per 1000 residents. It should be noted that this rate is based on only three incidents. However, Zionsville, in Boone County, had the second lowest rate in the state, despite housing nearly 28,000 people. Indiana has a lot to be proud of this year thanks to the decline in violent crime and property crimes.

Both their violent crime and property crime rates fall below average. According to our latest survey on the state of security, Hoosiers' daily level of concern for safety is lower than the national average (IN), 44% versus. Less than half of the Hoosiers residents we surveyed felt safe in their state (48%), which is lower than the US average of 55%. Indiana residents are also more likely than the average American to believe that crime is increasing (IN, 68% versus.

We asked Indiana residents what crimes they are concerned about happening to them. Indiana's property crime rate of 17.8 is lower than the national average (19), but above the regional average for the east, north and center (16,. Indiana Property Crimes Decreased Year by Year. For the purposes of this report, the terms “dangerous” and “safer” explicitly refer to crime rates calculated from FBI crime data; no other characterization of any community is implied or intended.

The SafeWise team is pleased to publish the eighth annual report on the safest cities. Check if your city is on the full list. Whether your city is on our list or not, we encourage everyone to be proactive about the safety of their homes. One of the best ways to stop a robbery before it occurs is to add a home security system.

Learn more about your home security options and find out which companies we recommend for every budget and lifestyle in our roundup of the best home security systems. Indiana isn't known as a top tourist destination, but a closer look at its culture will reveal a surprising array of features that will captivate visitors of all ages. From urban catacombs to the world's largest children's museum and the Indianapolis 500, there are thousands of unique experiences to experience here. And if you're looking to settle down with family, you can add security to the long list of reasons to call Hoosier State home.

Zionsville is a thriving community in the far northwest of Indianapolis. With an upper middle income, low poverty and the third best crime rate in the state, Zionsville scores the best in livability and family friendliness. A short 11-minute drive southeast of Dyer will get you to St. John, the fourth safest city in Indiana.

The rural community provides visitors with easy access to Indiana Dunes National Park and to various activities such as hiking, biking and water sports. Because of its low median income and high poverty rate, it may appear that Auburn does not belong on this list. But thanks to a continuing trend of declining violence and property crimes, Auburn has become one of the safest communities in the state. Another Indianapolis suburb, Fishers, is located 7 miles east of Carmel, in Hamilton County.

Despite its size, Fishers still has a small-town feel, with major attractions including several farmers' markets, arts districts and nature tours. With incredible schools, beautiful neighborhoods, and the lowest poverty rate on this list, Fishers is one of the best places to start a family. At first glance, West Lafayette's income and poverty numbers can be confusing, especially in the context of this list. But when you consider the student population in Lafayette's sister city, the rates aren't extraordinary in any way.

West Lafayette is home to Purdue University, and since much of its population attends school, the poverty rate is amplified in an otherwise common area. Of the population not enrolled in school, only 14.9% of residents live below the poverty level, which is closer to the state average. Indiana keeps a low profile, but as you explore opportunities in suburban areas, you'll find an appealing combination of excitement, activity, and safety in several areas of the state. Many smaller cities outside Gary, Indianapolis, Fort Worth and Chicago are ideal for those looking for their next family home.

When you start with this list of safest cities in Indiana it's easy to find convenience and peace of mind in your neighborhood.