The Fascinating History of Merrillville, Indiana

Learn about the fascinating history of Merrillville, Indiana - from its early days as McGwinn Village to its present-day identity as a thriving city.

The Fascinating History of Merrillville, Indiana

Merrillville, Indiana is a city with a fascinating history. It was originally known as McGwinn Village and was inhabited by the Potawatomi Indians. After the death of Wiggins in 1838, the colonists who had followed him there decided to rename the settlement Centerville. Later, when the Merrill brothers (Dudley and William Merrill) left their mark on the community, Centerville became Merrillville.

In 1971, it officially became a city under Indiana law. The post office changed the name of the settlement in 1848 to honor Dudley and William Merrill. At that time, the city included a store, a blacksmith shop, a cheese factory and the California Exchange Hotel. The railroads crossed Merrillville in 1876 (later Chesapeake & Ohio) and in 1880 (Chicago & Grand Trunk), opening links to Chicago markets.

During World War II, Merrillville was a typical Midwestern farming community. Today, Merrillville is a thriving city with many attractions and amenities. It is home to numerous parks, golf courses, shopping centers and restaurants. It is also home to many businesses and industries that provide employment opportunities for its residents. Merrillville is an important part of Indiana's history and culture.

Its rich history has shaped its present-day identity and continues to influence its future.